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Not sure which place to post this but here looks good enough!!!!!

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Whislt doing a parshel rebuild on the back of mums gearbox last night, i said to the car "if you dont work im gonna smash ya face in" so what happened, put it all back together and the center diff locked up and it wouldnt move. After a while, i finaly managed to get it back in the carage, shut the door and what happened, forgot to shut the bonnet, as ive shut the door its creased the bonnet and scrached paint off it!!! Mad Mad Mad Mad Anyone else had this fault!!!!

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Yes this only seems to happen to me when we get our weekly shopping from waitrose. Since changing to farmhouse this fault has not arisen. I hope this helps :0)

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i had a simular problem with a mk 3 cortina back in 83 when i decided to use it for banger racing, i had done 3 laps and thought it would be a good idea to turn round and face to oposite direction on the pit bend, and upon my waiting i viewed a 3.3 vauxhall cresta coming in my direction at approximately 35.73mph, i can remember saying to myself, "you fink your ard dunt ya" i then precided to drive directly at the afor mentioned cresta and buried my beloved ford into his grill.....mmm that put a scratch in my bonnet too, hope this helps you solve you dilema..

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