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Essex Scooby Crew Tunnel Run Saturday 22nd October

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I know i mentioned this to you before but it seems to have crept up on me a bit quick!
It's the tunnel run this Saturday, meet at Lakeside Services at 8pm, leave at 9pm; if anyne's interested it would be great to see you again. It's always a bit manic, am expecting around 120 -150 cars,a fair proportion of which probably get lost, but it is great fun, if a bit hard on the ears by the end of the night!

The charity we are fundraising for this year is the SpecialCare Baby Unit at Basildon Hospital.

Have pasted the route if anyone wants :-

• Meet at Thurrock Services Main Car Park @ 8.00 p.m. (Junction 30 - M25).

• Leave services @ 9.00 p.m. and join M25 towards Dartford Crossing.

• Exit Lakeside Services – at the roundabout take the 3rd exit sign posted M25

• At the roundabout take the 1st exit onto the M25

• Go over the Dartford Bridge and enter the toll booths – remember to have your £1.50 ready!

• Through tolls and continue M25 to junction 2 (A2 Junction)

• After the tolls the road goes into 4 lanes – keep in the first two lanes, following the signs for A2 London / Canterbury, Junction 2

• Ignore the turning for Dartford A225 (Junction 1b )

• Keep in the inner 2 lanes – follow A2 LONDON, keeping in the right hand lane when appropriate

• Keep in the right hand lane as you approach the roundabout

• At the traffic lights on the roundabout, keep in the right hand lane, but when you drive round the roundabout keep to the left, following signs for BEXLEYHEATH

• Go thru the 2nd set of lights then into the left hand lane through the 3rd set of lights taking the exit A2 LONDON

• Now a 50mph speed limit – please do not exceed the speed limit as the A2 is full of speed cameras!

• After 8.6miles of the journey, get into the outer 2 lanes

Speed Camera after 9.2miles

Another Speed Camera after 10.5miles

• Make sure you keep to the middle and outside lane, as the inside lane filters off the local traffic for most of the journey

Speed Camera at 11.9miles (behind the green sign)

Speed Camera at 12.4miles (behind green sign)

• (Speed limit is still 50mph)

Speed Camera 13.2miles, just after the 2nd bridge

Speed Camera at 14.9miles (on the central reservation)

• At roundabout, follow road round to the right and go through the lights; road then goes into 2 lanes

• Follow the signs for Blackwall Tunnel

• Keep on the road and follow signs for DOCKLANDS/BLACKWALL TUNNEL – keep on the road, do not turn off yet

Speed camera at 16.4miles

• Keep following the signs for Docklands / Blackwall Tunnel

• Stay in the 3 outside lanes

• Speed limit changes to 30mph on the bridge - move into the inside lane

BLACKWALL TUNNEL – make sure you keep in the inside lane as you will be turning left immediately you exit the tunnel. If you ignore this instruction then you are on your own! Set your sat nav to find the Mcdonald's Restaurant
2 Trafalgar Way
Aspen Way
E14 5SP

• We then take the first exit at the end of the tunnel. Keep to the inside 2 lanes on this road.

• Turn left at the lights into Cotton Street signposted Excel

• At roundabout, take the right hand lane through the lights, then take the exit just after McDonalds (Aspen Way)

• Get into right hand lane – 40mph speed limit

• Follow signs for Tower Bridge / Wapping – 30mph speed limit

• LIMEHOUSE LINK - this tunnel has speed cameras high up on the wall –30mph speed limit

• Take right hand lane as you immediately come out of the tunnel – turn onto Butcher’s Row

• Keep in right hand lane (The White Swan should be on your right hand side) – turn right onto Commercial Road and stay in the right hand lane after turning

• Keep in right hand lane as you go under the bridge

• At the lights take the right hand turn to go to the Rotherhithe Tunnel – keep in the right hand lane as it goes into a narrow width restriction road

20mph speed limit in the Rotherhithe Tunnel – speed camera as you exit the tunnel

• At the roundabout, go into the right hand lane, going all the way round the roundabout and back into the Rotherhithe tunnel – remember 20mph speed limit!

Camera just before you enter the tunnel

• As you exit the tunnel, go through the 1st set of lights, keeping in the left hand lane. Basically head back on yourself.

• 2nd traffic lights, keep in the left lane, turning left onto Commercial Road

• Stay in left hand lane and at the traffic lights turn left into Butchers Row

• At traffic lights turn left (onto The Highway) back into the Limehouse Link

30mph in tunnel – cameras in the tunnel

• In tunnel, follow signs for Tilbury / Royal Docks (Basically stay on the main carriageway)

Speed Camera on exit of Limehouse Link (opposite Billingsgate)


• Now 40mph - once out of the tunnel get into the left hand lane following the signpost Isle of Dogs / Canary Wharf / A102

• Take the slip road and get into the right hand lane on the slip road

• At roundabout go all the way round, exiting at McDonalds to re-group

• Upon leaving McDonalds at the big roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Aspen Way, signposted Tilbury / Excel

• Keep in the RIGHT hand lane and continue through the underpass. (signposted A13)

• Rejoin the A13. Warning, plenty of speed Cameras along this stretch.

• At the Lodge Avenue Flyover, keep in the two outside lanes

Camera after the flyover

• Keep on A13, signposted Tilbury / Dartford Crossing

• Take the slip road signposted Dartford Crossing

• At the roundabout take the 3rd exit, keeping in the right hand lane as you take the slip road


• Go through the tolls and head towards A2 – keep in the left hand lane for A225 Dartford (junction 1b)

• Take the slip road of Dartford A225, keeping in the right hand lane on the slip road

• At the roundabout take the 4th exit back onto the M25

• Go back through the tolls and into the DARTFORD TUNNEL

• Then head back to Lakeside Services

Either way, hope you are all well and hope to see you all some time soon!

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Hi Lorraine,
Many apologies for no one contacting you etc, its been really mad the last few weeks after our trackday. were not even doing children in need run this year due to funds etc. Hope it all went well.



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No worries, I quite understand how it is! The tunnel run went very well, over 150 cars attended and was enjoyed by (most!) people - there were a few complaints , mainly about the amount of speed cameras in the tunnels - err, I don't quite know how the organisers were supposed to overcome that one Rolling Eyes

The main thing was we raised over £1000 for the special care baby unit, so I was pretty pleased with that Very Happy

Had my clutch done this week, have a fast road kevlar clutch so that should be much better Wink

Hope you are all well Smile

P.S Luke, I don't know how you've done it but your blurb in blue font above is 3D, looks really good (or are my eyes just tired Question )

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Morning!!!! Smile

I'm glad it all went well, yeah I can imagine some people did complain, most of them won't understand the amount of work etc some of the organisers put in. That or there just gay! Smile Haha didn't seem like you raised a bad amount there Smile

Were all good, and with regards to the font, I haunt a clue Smile

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