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CRANK Pulley

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1CRANK Pulley Empty CRANK Pulley on Fri Jul 08, 2011 4:29 am


Hmmm my car and the RAC are getting old friends, as some of you know the Crank pulley come lose yeaterday, resulting in the belt falling off and the car losing power steering (must of felt like Puff) and battery light coming on.
Although Matt had a fulll toll box he didnt have a rachet to hand as it had been borrowed by some undesirables and not put back, The RAC attended and told Matt that the rubber insert in the Pulley should be fixed in place and not move independantly of the pulley which it is doing, obviously there is some gnawing on the pulley (again)
Now the first time she ate (literally chewed it to death) her pulley there had been no engine work undertaken on the car but this time the pulley had been removed (2weeks previously) to replace the steering pump.
Now do you think the mechanic (not naming names) failed to tighten the pulley sufficiently or do you think there is an underlying problem which makes my engine eat its crank pulley.
The RAC man very politely asked Matt to put the car into gear to stop crank turning which obviously was highly amusing to say the least. He then tightened the pulley as best he could but left the belt lose so that it wouldnt pull to much on the pulley, so car came back home under her own steam with battery light on, Matt was 4 hours late for work, it cost us nearly £30 in fuel for a days work (as he was near work when it happpened and had to bring her home and take galaxy) so all in all not a great start.
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