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Alison aka Tubs really URGENTLY needs help with fitting of subaru mats

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Hi everyone,
Alison needs some help with fitting her new spangly Subaru car Mats that Santa brought her and Rex for christmas.
The problem that she seems to be having is that everytime they try and fit them they are left with a dilema,
The rear ones fit perfectly, even the little oblong one that fits over the tunnel, It is when it comes to fitting the front drivers side that
she is running into trouble, and if the truth be known it is really really getting her down now to the point where she is considering on giving up with the whole Subaru scene altogether. The main problem is when she places the mat in she can no longer shut her drivers door.
The Mat hangs over the door shut and touches the seal, Also it does not seem to go under the pedals either, has anybody else come across this before and what solutions have you come up with. Please help before the Scoob goes on ebay.

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do you have any pictures so i can understand a little better. There is too much writing for me to take in. My Brian hurts

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turn the matt 90 degrees so the long end goes up under the pedals, if this does not seem to cure the problem it could mean that the matts were ment for the living room and not the scoob, in that case move to a bigger house.

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Mats have been fitted, they have been from the last three weeks.
I would never sale the scoob, so Rolling Eyes lol!
Nudge, many thanks for the advice.

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staple gun

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