Watsons Scoobies is a family of subaru enthusiast's who love the impreza since it came out and appered in the rally scene!!

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Welcome to the FAT UGLY MUPPET and the rebranded Chum Bucket

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Just a watsons friendly welcome to the newest Scoob "The fat ugly muppet" this is owned by ROAR, (previous owner or raor, now owned by Wrex1, are you all keeping up Shocked ) it is a fine example of a blob, I hope she has many happy hours being part of our little Subaru Dynasty (minus the chelsea stickers) and Rich has lots of fun driving her, because it has a bulge and a spinny whizzy power emitting thingy.
Also hellllloooooo to the newly rebranded Chum Bucket (formly abused by Wrex1) which is owned by our newest Scoob owner Spud, The resons behind the Chum Bucket name is obvious, Dan (spud) uses his vehicles as travelling skips and the amount of refuge that he will be able to fit in the Chum Bucket will be immense.
I think a recycling and bio-hazard stickers are suitable for this one, as many who know Dan will be aware that he has somewhat a spongebob fetish, so Chum Bucket fits on all levels. Razz Razz Razz

Anyway WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME. 11 and counting.

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and a great addition it is too

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